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Programme Manager

Detroit, Michigan

Under indirect supervision, oversees the operational planning, establishment, execution, and evaluation of a multifaceted program/project typically consisting of a set of closely related subprograms or associated activities. Responsible for organizing, directing and managing the operation and maintenance functions at a specific site where a substantial number of contractor support personnel are assigned.  Responsible for overall management and performance of all task order activities and requirements.  Oversees fiscal, operational, administrative, and human resources management of the program; seeks and develops outside funding sources, serves as principal point of representation and liaison with external constituencies on operational matters, and provides day-to-day technical/professional guidance and leadership as appropriate to the area of expertise.  Responsible for ensuring coordination between personnel below them and all central management functions within the organization and between those central management functions and appropriate Government personnel. Assigns, schedules, and reviews work of subordinates. Explains policies, purposes, and goals of the contractor's organization and the Government's policies and procedures applicable to this contract to subordinates. Takes appropriate action and coordinates policies and activities with appropriate Government personnel. Actively applies quality assurance measures to the management and performance of the task orders. Designs and prepares technical reports and related documentation, and makes charts and graphs to record results. Prepare and deliver presentations and briefings as required by the Task Order.
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