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C++ Developer (Boost, KSH/Perl, UNIX)

Manassas, VA
 Scope of Work:   Software development and testing
·         Require hands on experience and very good knowledge of STL container such as vector, map, stack, deque etc.  Require good knowledge of C++ concepts such as constructor, destructor, polymorphism, inheritance, exception handling, function/ operator overloading.   Require hands on experience and very good knowledge of Templates, Pointers. Experience with third party C++ library such as Boost. Hands on experience of threading and synchronization models required.  Experience one of more of following OS platforms - RHEL, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX. Knowledge of scripting languages ( ksh, perl)
Following experience is a plus:
·         Good knowledge of socket programming
·         Experience with protocols such as  TCP/IP, SSL, HTTP
·         Experience in HP-UX
·         Experience with PKI technology
Job Title:  Application Developer_Programmer-Professional Level
Location:  Manassas, VA
Open Requirements:  1
 Skills Requirements:
(please limit to 25 charactors)
Level: (Junior/Specialist/Expert)
Jr = 1-5 yrs / Spec=5-10yrs / Exp= >10 + yrs
OO programming techniques with experience in C++ Expert
Experience with third party C++ library such as Boost Expert
KSH/Perl Junior
Development experience on Unix environment Specialist
Software development tools (Toad, Clearcase, eclipse, exceed, Quality centre etc.) Specialist
UNIX system calls and internals Specialist
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