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C++ Developer

Manassas, VA
The FIN Systems Development teams are looking for Application Developers/Programmers_Professional Level
Scope of Work: 
Software Development,  FIN Renewal
As part of the FIN Renewal programme, we require C++ Developers to
a.            Design, develop and test C++ based applications on HPUX. Some of these applications may use Oracle and BerkeleyDB
b.            Build, package and integrate developed software

Additional Information:
  • A couple of C++ developers with Unix experience
Job Title:  Application Developer_Programmer-Professional Levels
Location:  Manassas, VA
Open Requirements: 2

Skills Requirements – Positions No. 1 - C++ Developer
(please limit to 25 charactors)
Level: (Junior/Specialist/Expert)
Jr = 1-5 yrs / Spec= 5-10 yrs / Exp= >10 yrs
C++ Development Specialist            
HPUX Platform skills Specialist                                            
Oracle Junior   
Perl Junior                   
Shell Specialist
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