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System Developer/Programmer

Manassas, VA
Scope of Work: 
Primary responsibility will be to work on a project to assess feasibility and impact of migrating SWIFT mission critical systems from Unix to Linux. Secondary responsibilities include assisting with other technology and product vendor items.
Job Title:  System Developer/Programmer – Professional level
Location:  Manassas, VA
Duration: Long-term
Number of openings: 1
Qualifications: Undergrad in Comp Science or Masters in IT or Comp Science from a reputed University. Hands-on Technology experience
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Level: (Junior/Specialist/Expert)
Jr = 1-5 yrs / Spec=5-10yrs / Exp= >10 + yrs
Technical skills include software development experience, understanding of requirement analysis, software architecture and design, development processes & popular software technologies. Specialist
Knowledge of SWIFT applications and development methodologies is desirable Specialist
Expertise in the areas of Linux, Unix, Oracle technologies and cyber-security are essential Specialist
Undergraduate or Masters in Computer Science or Software Engineering from a reputed University. Passion for technology and staying current with new developments. Expert
Strong analytical skills and ability to communicate concepts and messages effectively in writing and through Powerpoint presentations. Specialist
Expertise with commonly used/required office tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook email,  etc. Junior
Knowledge of the IT processes and practices e.g project management, software development life cycle and related processes..etc. Specialist  
Practical (college or otherwise) experience in usage and issues relating to various technologies relating to database, middleware, messaging, development tools, operating systems, security and hardware devices. Desired Hands-on experience with Database an Specialist
Facilitate the Technology governance function provided by the team, by arranging meetings, agenda, reviewing technical presentations and providing feedback to customers Junior
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