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Application Architect with Ansible experience

Manassas, VA
It is for an Application Architect.
Senior presence, ability to engage and communicate with varied audience - Developers, Architects, Management and using written, verbal presentation style of communication are all required. Must be able to hands on run proof of concepts, perform technology selection and recommendation, document designs etc.
Skills/Requirements: Level: (Junior/Specialist/Expert)
Jr = 1-5 yrs / Spec=5-10yrs / Exp= >10 + yrs
Orchestration Technology & Infrastructure - Ansible, Ansible Tower, and integrating these into Service Orchestration frameworks Specialist
Docker Containers. Experience implementing docker container based applications - Full knowledge of Docker Core Ecosystem - Building Docker Images, Registries, Docker Networking, Docker storage, Docker Security Expert
Docker Orchestration systems - Experience deploying  multi-tier applications with Kubernetes, Swarm, handling storage and networking. Provisioning and management of these, including resilience, loadbalancing, scaling, plumbing internal connectivity, external connectivity, health monitoring Expert
Experience with Redhat Openshift - preferred. Specialist
Experience of other docker tools (e.g. Rancher, Mesos) a plus Specialist
Foundational knowledge of VMware ecosystem and Redhat Linux is a must Specialist
Experience building meta-data based server provisioning systems Specialist
Experience Containerizing legacy apps as well as architecting apps for container based deployment is a plus Specialist
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