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Unix Security Expert

Manassas, VA
Job Title:  Unix Security Expert
Location:  Manassas, VA

The position requires strong hands on expertise in Unix security.  
  • Ability to rapidly assess security of new technology after a short learning curve, and ability to constructively engage with other senior and architect level colleagues.
  • Good communication is an essential
Skills/Requirements:   Level: (Junior/Specialist/Expert)
  • Unix & Linux Security: Hands on expert knowledge in hardening Unix systems.      Expert
  • Knowledge  in securing COTS and open source typically used in infrastructure management systems e.g. Apache, Tomcat          Expert
  • Knowledge of Host Based Security controls such as HIDS, IPTables, Security logging, Runtime file integrity              Expert
  • Knowledge of infrastructure automation components such as Ansible, Satellite, Puppet         Expert
  • Fundamentals of IP Networking & Network Security  Specialist
  • Knowledge of SSL and PKI     Specialist
  • Authentication mechnaisms - SSL, Kerberos, Multi-factor Auth, LDAP based authentication, Unix PAM            Specialist
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